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Our Biography and Members


The B Street Bombers features outstanding musicians and singers delivering industrial strength R&B, Rock, Soul and Funk since 1980; they are the longest running band in Merrimack Valley history! The band has garnered widespread critical acclaim and a rich history of headlining major events. The band’s high energy stage show has been featured at civic celebrations, countless weddings, and a host of large scale corporate events.


For over 35 years, The B Street Bombers has been one of the most highly sought after show bands in the Boston area, bringing high energy, world-class music to any venue! Formed in 1980, the band is enjoying an unprecedented successful run, and the band has received tremendous notoriety for an outstanding level of musicianship.  When you hire the B Street Bombers, you will rest assured that your guests will be entertained by 11 of the most talented musicians and vocalists in the greater Boston area.

Lou Norris
Lead Vocals / Background / Harmonica

                      FOUNDING BAND MEMBER

Mandy Powers

Lead Vocals & Organization

As one of the original members of the Bombers, Lou has been a longtime local legend around the Merrimack Valley and beyond. After taking several years off from performing with the Bombers, Lou returned in 2019, just in time to celebrate their 40th anniversary in 2020. With his smooth vocals and skills playing harmonica and other percussion instruments, Lou brings back the classic rock feel that so many B Street fans have grown to love over the last 40+ years. 

Sharing the stage with the B Street Bombers since 2006, Mandy brings old school soul as well as a fresh and modern touch to the band. She enjoys performing the wide variety of songs that B Street brings to the stage - from Aretha Franklin and Etta James, to the 80’s rock of Heart and AC/DC, the modern country of Miranda Lambert, and the pop chic of Pharrell Williams and Meghan Trainor. She enchants audiences of all ages with memorable performances.  Mandy is also available to provide the vocals at your ceremony and/or cocktail hour as well.

Jimmy Norris

Tenor Saxophone & Lead / Background Vocals


John Tomaselli

Bass & Exclusive Representation


Originating founder of The B Street Bombers and former member of the legendary M'Taboo Band, Jimmy has been active in the local and national music scene for over 35 years. With his smooth sax sound and energetic lead vocals, Jimmy gets the crowd rockin' every time.

A founding member of the B Street Bombers, John, 'The Tomato', Tomaselli lays down the bass like nobody else. A Berklee College of Music alumnus, John's playing creates a rock-solid foundation for one of the best rhythm sections anywhere. He is also a volunteer board member at the Sad Café in Plaistow, NH, a family-friendly, substance-free establishment that promotes music, theater and the performing arts.

Tom McQuillan

Drums & Lead / Background Vocals

Tom has been playing professionally for over 40 years, and has played with many local bands throughout the Boston area. Tommy sets up a groove that won’t quit. A self-taught musician, he emulated his heroes from the radio up in his studio playing rock, jazz, blues and swing. Many of Tommy’s peers in the drumming universe wonder at how he can hear a tune once and play the parts - alike in every way.

Jimmy Bass
Guitar & Lead / Background Vocals

Jimmy has been a professional guitarist most of his life, traveling extensively all over the country.  As an original member of the B Street Bombers, Jimmy also showcases his talents with The River City Band.  Like Jimmy Norris, he too was a member of the legendary M'Taboo Band.  His technique and soloing abilities are unmatched anywhere in New England.  Jimmy's influences vary, however he states that Jimmy Page and Eric Clapton are among his favorites.

Raymond DeMartini
Keyboards, Rhythm Guitar & Vocals

A long time veteran of the Boston music scene Ray is a very talented and sought after multi-instrumentalist and vocalist.  Ray offers up impeccably genuine piano and B3 parts that rival the sound of the original recordings. Add to that state of the art synthesizer and haunting realistic orchestra and violin parts and you'll hear a full rich sound that brings the realism and nuance of the recorded song to life. Adding to his repertoire of contributions Ray is also an accomplished rhythm guitarist and vocalist. Early influences were Max Middleton, Jan Hammer, Jeff Lorber, and Chicago's Robert Lamm just to name a few. Ray can also be seen on tour with the only officially sanctioned Chicago tribute band in the US.

Lou Garofalo

Baritone and Tenor Saxophones


A graduate of Berklee College of Music, Lou has many years of experience as a professional musician, teacher and arranger. Lou is a master of many instruments, and is a skilled and prolific horn section arranger. He brings a creative balance to the B Street horn section and keeps the horn harmonies flowing.

Russ Ryan
Trumpet and Percussion
Steven Goddu 
Trumpet and Percussion

Russ has been performing with The Bombers for many years.  His ability to take a trumpet solo to the next level is impeccable!  Like Jimmy Bass, he also shares his talents with The River City Band.  A graduate of Berklee College of Music, he majored in music perfomance. He is highly respected as a jazz teacher and clinician throughout the Massachusetts and New Hampshire school districs.  Russ's musical influences are Miles Davis and Oscar Peterson.

Steven is a graduate of the University of Lowell where he studied trumpet with the late Nat Paella. Previous to playing with B Street, Steven was the band-leader of Smoke and Mirrors Showband. Steven has been playing piccolo trumpet at wedding ceremonies for the past 25 years in the greater Boston and southern New Hampshire area. He also performs with the Nottingham Brass Quintet at a variety of churches' services, commencement ceremonies and light classical concerts. Musically influenced by Tower of Power, Steven brings a bit of zing to the sound of the B Street horn section.

Michael Grady
Trombone & Lead / Background Vocals
CP in Tie_edited.jpg
Chris Parker
Sound Engineer/Production

A Berklee College of Music Alumnus as well as a member of The B Street Bombers from 1986 to 2005, Mike moved to the West Coast in 2006 where he was the Music Director and teacher at the Rock Church in Sunnyvale for seven years.  Returning to New England in March of 2015, Mike rejoined The Bombers as resident trombone and co-arranger.  When not playing with B Street, you can catch in him The River City Band.  He has played with a variety of groups including the Guy Lombardo Orchestra, Tavares, the Christian Life Center Gospel Choir and most recently, the American Flyboys Big Band out of San Diego.  His talents on the trombone really round out the horn section of the legendary B Street Bombers.

Chris has been on the sound engineering side of the business since 2016, however he has been mixing bands while performing as a musician for over 10 years all over New England.  He uses state of the art equipment with a digital 32-channel mixer.  He’s well experienced using his wireless Mackie DL32r, which allows him to mix the band from any point in the venue.  Chris’ work crosses paths with other area groups such as Lee Lewis and the All Stars, Good Stuff, The Jen Thayer Band and Disco Dream.  Chris keeps the house sound crisp, clear and at just the right volume for the venue he’s working.  While Chris is relatively new to B Street, his talents do not go unnoticed among the band members and it’s audience.  B Street looks forward to working many more shows with Chris.  To reach Chris directly, visit his website at


Mike Casey
Alternate/Guest Drummer/Background

There is no doubt that Mike can lay down a beat that will keep you dancing for hours.  He is a Berklee College of Music Alumnist as well as a former original member of The B Street Bombers.  He currently plays with The River City Band.  Mike is not only a top notch drummer but an accomplished backup vocalist.  If you listen closely, you will hear Buddy Rich, John Bonham and of course Mike's favorite- Ringo Starr all rolled up in to one fantastic drummer.  Mike sat in with The Bombers during their summer tour season in 2015 while regular drummer, Tommy McQuillan, took a short leave of absence.  The Bombers can't go wrong with either Tommy or Mike!






Charlie Pouliot
Alternate/Guest Guitarist

Charlie has played guitar in bands since 1972.  His ability to adapt to all styles of music and his knowledge of a vast catalog of songs has made him the "first-call-fill-in" for many of New England's top bands for the last four decades.  He has also been a full time member of several popular bands through the years- Truth, Dr. Grabow, The Classiques, Overdrive, Smoke and Mirrors, The B Street Bombers and KarMa.  He assembles his own Strat-style guitars from custom parts purchased online and uses "old school" amplifiers for a super tone.  His all-time favorite guitarist is the late Gary Moore.  Charlie is a fan of Deep Purple, horn-rock bands and progressive rock supergroups.  The B Street Bombers is proud to have Charlie take the stage with us from time to time!


Denis Brunelle

Alternate Keyboards/Background Vocals

Denis has been playing piano and guitar professionally for over 25 years.  A student of jazz guru, Charlie Banacos, Denis has performed with a variety of different groups with styles including jazz, blues, classical, rock, pop and funk.  Denis is available to help your guests get in a celebratory mood with a jazzy cocktail hour before the B Street Bombers take the stage.  He is also available for ceremony music as well.

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