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Frequently Asked Questions...


Where are you located? Does your band travel?

We’re located about 30 miles north of Boston, Massachusetts, and depending on venue and performance, will discuss traveling within 100 miles of Boston.


What is your price range? Why don’t you list prices on your site?

In general, it’s typically best if you have an entertainment investment in mind and clearly communicate with your agent so that the options presented to you are available, of high quality and within your budget.


Can I see your bands perform live?

A great option to see our band live is to make arrangements to have you look in on a private event where we get permission to have you attend. You would need to arrive at a pre-determined time, dressed appropriately, etc. In this case, it is important to remember that you’ll be seeing the band perform according to the musical tastes and timeline determined by the client for whom they are playing. They will not necessarily be able to play your special requests or take a break to speak directly with you at this time however a follow-up meeting can be arranged by phone.


What if a band member gets sick?

We will make sure that the show goes on as scheduled with talent of equal or greater value. We’ve been in business for many years and have a rolodex filled with the best musicians and performers in the area. On any given day there will be tremendously talented people that are not employed for one reason or another and would love to work. So if the need arises because of some unforeseen situation, we will staff your event with a very talented understudy who can step in make sure that the show goes on.


What do you offer for cocktail hour?

We have many options available to suit your needs and your dreams. If you hire our band, then you can choose from among the musicians in the band for an economical alternative.


What do you offer for ceremonies?

Similar to the cocktail hour options, you may be able to select musicians from the band to perform for your ceremony at a nominal additional charge.


What is your refund policy?

Your non-refundable deposit reserves us for a specific performance date. From that point forward, the band begins to pass up offers of work from other clients. Often when an event is canceled, the act is unable to reschedule the date and thus loses a performance opportunity for that date in question.


Do you offer continuous music?

Technically, playing CDs/iPod is “continuous” music because music is always playing from the band stage. If this is what you mean by continuous music then you don’t even have to ask the question. We provide pre-recorded music during any band breaks. Whatever you choose, continuous music or normal band breaks, our band will carefully coordinate any breaks with the events of the evening according to your preferences. It is typical for a band to break during meals, toasts or cake cuttings only and NEVER when it’s a great time for your guests to dance. We want your guests to be constantly entertained — whether they’re eating, listening to toasts or dancing all night long.


How much room does your band need?

We prefer a stage size of 24 feet wide by 12 feet deep, but can still fit happily onto a stage that’s 18 feet by 8 feet if that is what is needed for the venue. If you have any concerns, or if your venue dictates the stage area, please call us to discuss the options available. We have lots of experience at almost every type of venue, and we know how to make things work best at each place.


Do I have input on the song list?

You will have the opportunity to indicate your likes and dislikes from the bands play list. In addition and with advanced noticed we may be able to learn a few songs that are special for your event. We will be in touch to discuss the song list as soon as you’ve hired the band. Generally, specific song requests that must be learned by the band are required no later than three months in advance of the event.


How much is the deposit?

The amount of the deposit may vary, however is usually minimal.  The deposit is due immedietly upon receipt of contract.  The remaining amount is to be paid to the act on the date of the performance specified in your contract.

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